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Amazonia Story @Le Figaro Magazine
carolina arantes
Feb 4, 2020
Hi, sharing here the link to my last reportage at Le Figaro Magazine (available online for the subscribed to the newspaper).
This was an amazing and challenging Story to work on, it took me several weeks of research and facing very different problems to deal with, as the possibility of threatens to those who speak with us, journalists. I'm also very happy to join a little team of women covering Amazonia . 
The complete PDF can be seen on my webpage.

Amazonie: la ruée vers l’or vert
GRAND REPORTAGE - À Altamira, au cœur du Brésil, la forêt amazonienne est la victime de ses richesses si convoitées. Depuis quelques années, les grosses entreprises et des fermiers très puissants se taillent la part d’un gâteau juteux au...

Carolina Arantes Photography

Carolina is a Brazilian independent photographer based in Paris, France. She pursues documentary stories both in Europe as in Brazil.
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