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Das Perfekt Steak
carolina arantes
Nov 2, 2017
This Stern assignment is a pearl and I'm very very happy to share it with you. The story had finally reached 10 pages publications instead of the 6 preview at the beggining. 

Holy Cow is a project I'm developping since 2013. Stern assigned me to take the Story into a second step, giving me total freedom to create the Story as I've been doing before. And the result is here! 

I was also fortunate to have the great writer Jan Christoph Wiechmann together in this adventure. 

Holy Cow touches an important issue of our actuality, our rising consumption of meat and how Brazil occupies the place of biggest meat exportator due to its deep control of genetics manipulations. This is a story about the very beggining of the meat international alimentary chain and shows the business ambience of who decide the quality of the meat we eat in the world. 

I'm looking for publications out of Germany. If you are interested, please, contact me by mail. 

Carolina Arantes Photography

Carolina is a Brazilian independent photographer based in Paris, France. She pursues documentary stories both in Europe as in Brazil.
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